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Miguel Ribeiro


"My passions have been classical music since my mid-teens (Bach in particular), Samuel Beckett, medicine and, since I was 26, photography. But, quite suddenly and overwhelmingly, in early 2010 this pattern was overturned by the writing of the book 'Universo programado, uma alternativa ao Darwinismo e à religião'. My obsession with the subject continued through to my second book, 'Beyond Darwin…', the 4th edition of which I’ve just published."

- Miguel Ribeiro, April 2023


Miguel Ribeiro was born in Lisbon, 18 August 1952.


He is Fellow of the College of Physicians of South Africa and worked as a consultant in Internal Medicine at Tygerberg Hospital, Cape Town. He is currently the medical director of CMIL (Clínica Médica Internacional de Lisboa).

AUTHOR of the books

. “Universo Programado, uma alternativa ao Darwinismo e à religião”, Gradiva, Oct 2013.

. “Beyond Darwin, the Program Hypothesis”,, Oct 2018; fourth edition Dec 2022.

Several TALKS on the subject of my books at “Grémio Literário” de Lisboa, the latest on the occasion of the launching of  the fourth edition of “Beyond Darwin, the program hypothesis” (7 Dec 2022). Talk at Sociedade de Geografia de Lisboa and at CNC (Centro Nacional de Cultura).

Talks on AI (Artificial Intelligence), at Grémio Literário, 18 Jun 1021, and at the 25º Simpósio da Ordem dos Economistas, 25 October 2023

Article "Inteligência artificial: um boom para a humanidade ou imperativo cósmico existencial?"

FOUR INTERVIEWS on the same theme:


Universo Programado, by Helena Vasconcelos, 30 May 2014

. Universo Programado, by Prof. Jorge Rio, 12 May 2016.

., by Fernando Alvim, 05 September 2019

., by Jennifer Hill, 19 July 2023

RECOMMENDATIONS of the book "Beyond Darwin...":


. On the TV program "Eixo do Mal", by Clara Ferreira Alves, 18 July 2019.

. Miguel Ribeiro: Nem Deus, nem Darwin. E se o universo resultar de um programa como se fosse um computador?, by Rute Vasco, Sapo, 18 August, 2019


  One-man exhibitions

Berliner Medizinhistorisches Museum, Berlin, Oct 2003–Feb 2004; “Abstract Body” IPSAR, Rome, June 2010; “Abstract Body”, Societa Umanitaria, Milan, Sept 2010; and also, one-man shows in Lisbon, Pretoria and Cape Town.

  Group exhibitions

“The Century of the Body”, L’Elisée Museum, Lausanne, Sept–Dec 2000; Paris Photo 2002; “Parole de Peau”, Musée de la Civilisation, Quebec, Nov 2002–Jul 2003; Bienal de Nancy, April 2006. “Beauty, what for” Buenos Aires, winter 2006. “Darkside II”, Fotomuseum Winterthur, 2009.

Contemporary Art Curaton Magazine: online exhibition "Parallel Worlds", 20 Setembro a 20 Dezembro 2023.

His photographs also appeared in

  Books: “The Century of the Body”. “Sleep”; 2005 and 2011 calendars of the Buhl Collection (USA); “Darkside II”, 2009; “The Body”.

  Magazines and newspapers: Die Zeit; British Journal of Photography; The Independent; Basler Magazine; Der Tagesspiegel; Berliner Artz; Berliner Kultur; Medisch Vandaag; New England Journal of Medicine; Proto Magazine (Massachusetts Gen. Hosp., USA); Tabacaria; etc.

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