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Author Miguel Ribeiro

 Author Miguel Ribeiro

Chance cannot generate complexity" is the core premise of this book. The universe as information – as a computer, hologram, or simulation – thus comes forth as a plausible explanation for our complex universe. Its mathematical structure, and the finely tuned laws of physics and constants of nature cease to be a phenomenal string of coincidences to become set parameters of the proposed program. Highlighting the need of a program, the brain converts the true universe of patterns of atoms and radiation into the illusionary universe of our perception (that of shapes, colours, sounds, etc.) — like a computer program converts patterns of “zeroes and ones” into an audiovisual animation. Further supporting that thesis is the demonstration that the multiverse does not explain the laws of physics nor do the laws of physics explain the emergence and evolution of the universe and life.

The author seeks to present a model of the emergence and evolution of life consistent with an information view of the universe – accordingly, adaptive mutation, a functional junk DNA, sentience, and life as algorithms uphold the notion of the genome as software.

The program hypothesis stands out as an alternative to Darwinism and religion.

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